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The Dreadnought and its range shown by the faint red curve in the top right corner (The range was too great to be displayed on-screen). This is a temporary picture awaiting placement in an Infobox.

Use in RONEdit

The Dreadnought is a Heavy Ship like any other, though they now have to put up with the new threat of the submarines, which will quickly dispatch them. Always have a Destroyer escort along with them if penetrating deep into enemy territory. Their long range can destroy enemy light ships quickly, so they should not be too much of a problem.


  • Technically the Dreadnought is a battleship, even though the Battleship is an "improvement" of it. Rise of Nations seems to make these nondiscriminations regularly.
  • As mentioned before, while the Dreadnought is technically a "battleship", the sprite used in Rise of Nations actually resembles an early modern cruiser or "pre-Dreadnought" warship rather than the original HMS Dreadnought, which had an appearance akin to the Battleship which was based off IJN Yamato.

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