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The Dock is both a military and civic production facility, but mainly focuses on the production of military warships. Upon completion of the dock, a nation will receive a bonus of 30 Wealth Wealth to it's coffers.

The dock is the second military building available to the player in the Ancient Age Ancient Age after researching Commerce Commerce 1 (Barter). Initially, it can only build Fishermen. With Military Military 1 (The Art of War) researched, players can create Heavy Ships such as the Trireme, and faster but less heavily armed Light Ships such as the Bark. A fourth type of unit, the Fire Raft, is only available after reaching the Classical Age Classical Age. The fifth and final naval unit, the Bomb Vessel, is available upon reaching the Gunpowder Age.

Upon researching further military technologies, players can also research individual ship upgrades for their ships. After upgrading, the price of each ship will increase, as well as their combative statistics. A common approach to defeat this upgrade cost is to build an army of low-level ships, and then research the upgrade. All naval units will be automatically upgraded upon completion of the research.

The Dock will be automatically upgraded to the Anchorage in Gunpowder Age Gunpowder Age and the Shipyard in Industrial Age Industrial Age. The upgrades are purely aesthetic in nature, reflecting the improvement in building materials and technology.

Ship healing Edit

The Dock can heal units garrisoned faster than most buildings. Most buildings heal garrisoned units at a rate of 0.75/1/1.5/3 HP per second (1 HP every 20/15/10/5 frames). The Dock, however, will heal naval units at a rate of 1.07/1.5/2.14/3.75 HP per second (1 HP every 14/10/7/4 frames). The Citrus healing ability does not work on garrisoned naval units. Also, unlike other naval units, Aircraft Carriers cannot garrison inside a dock; however, they automatically heal at sea at a rate of 0.75 HP per second (1 HP every 20 frames). The Citrus healing ability works alongside the Aircraft Carrier's natural healing ability.

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