Government Democracy (large)

A Democracy is a government in which the legislative and executive powers are elected on a regular basis. The Democracy is the second of the three consensus governments in Rise of Nations, following the Republic and preceding the Capitalism. It becomes available in the Gunpowder age small Gunpowder Age, and it costs both Knowledge and Metal to research. The Democracy grants the following benefits:

  • Cost for all non-library research reduced by 20%.
  • Patriot: The President (see below)

The Democracy provides various bonuses to all kinds of nations: Peaceful nations profit from reduced cost for build upgrades as well as the patriot's building bonus to complete wonders in less time (the Patriot needs to be close to the wonder's construction site). Warring nations can use the patriot's production bonus to field a large army more quickly. However, warring nations making heavy use of cavalry and/or artillery units should consider picking the Democracy's counterpart, the Monarchy.

The President Patriot Edit

  • Buildings and troops in his radius heal while in friendly or neutral territory.
  • Unit-producing buildings in his radius produce at double speed.
  • Buildings under construction in his radius are build 33% faster.
  • Units in his radius are immune to sniping and bribery.
  • Benefits from all regular General upgrades at the Fort.

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