The Cuotl are one of three nations in Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends.

Description Edit

Little is known of the inhabitants of the Kumee Jungle, but all that is known is feared. There are legends of the Cuotl being visited by the chariot of the gods a thousand years ago, but the people themselves had always been little seen, until recently. Now, commanding powers that can be explained by neither Alin mystics nor the strongest minds of the Vinci academies, the Cuotl have made their presence, and their intentions, unmistakably known.

The lands of the Cuotl are filled with steaming jungles, towering trees, and fetid swamps. Visitors are discouraged from exploring this inhospitable place, as they encounter everything from stinging insects to horrifying diseases. The provinces of the Cuotl are neatly divided, with the borders being defined by unseen energies rather than topography. Despite the overreaching power of the False Gods worshiped by most Cuotl, divisions still run deep among the people. Tribes war upon each other for control of valuable resources, to expand their dwindling territory, or due to the whims of the enigmatic False Gods.

The Cuotl’s civilization utilizes strange powers and energies that even they do not fully comprehend. Although Timonium is crucial for these "machines" to function, faith, belief, and willpower seem to be just as important for them to function.

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