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Conquer the World empire mode.

Conquer the World (CTW) is the single-player campaign mode of Rise of Nations. It features a Risk-like turn-based global strategy mode, where nations may conduct diplomacy, redeploy armies and try to expand their empires by conquering new territories. Conflicts are then resolved using the real-time game engine.


CTW Interface2

The loading screen, showing what units you have and also tells you a small story of what is going on. Some campaigns have "More Info" which has historical/fantasy text.

In Conquer the World, you not only command in battles, but you also command an entire empire. You start in your nation's capital which depends on where your capital is located (For example, Romans start in Italy) or if set at random, you can begin at any place of the world (i.e. the Germans begin in Japan) . You have the ability to forge alliances, make peace treaties and declare war. You can also upgrade your territory and make the area far stronger (more cities and defenses).

The first thing you notice once you start a CTW campaign, is that you will see a horse-like marker along with a small tutorial on how to play CTW. You will see other nations on the map, along with unclaimed territory. By default, the barbarians are the Comanche, Chimu, Songhai, Vikings, Khmers and the Sumerians, all of them using the Aztecs' power of Sacrifice (or they will use the Mayas' if you are playing the Aztecs yourself), but most of them are special missions like "Tactics" or "Melee". They can be the same with other tribes, but barbarians NEVER use Conquest. (Melee usually substitutes this).

Every turn, you gain tribute (Maximum of 100). The first time you press "Next Turn", you gain only 25 tribute. Then, you gain 50 tribute, then 75 and finally 100. You can use this tribute to buy Bonus Cards which can be used during a battle or on map or for diplomacy. You can also use it to upgrade your territories.

In the bottom part of the screen, is where your rare resources and Wonders are at. You can only activate your Wonder abilities if you research Civic Civic Level 4 at the Library. Rare Resources will give you a bonus during battles if you research Commerce Commerce Level 2.

On the eastern part of your conquest panel, displays your count in tribute and your total in rare resource count. It also displays your name, your nation and your current age. In addition, the amount of turns left until an age advance (usually one in the beginning round, and three for the rest of the game).

On the western part of your conquest panel is four buttons. The options of course, opens up the interface to change settings or leave the conquer the world game. The rules display the rules of the CTW game. The World Events display captures, diplomacy and many other interesting things that go on with your nation or other nations. The World Status displays which nations are the most powerful from top to bottom, and their allies.

Thrones & Patriots Edit

CTW Interface

CTW campaigns in Thrones & Patriots. Note that you can only get Custom Map if you have a custom CTW in your conquest folder.

In Thrones & Patriots, there is now not just the Entire World, but four new campaigns which includes Alexander the Great, Napoleon, The New World and The Cold War. In addition, the Conquer the World button moves to the main menu for quicker access.

New Maps and CustomsEdit

Thrones & Patriots features four new single-player campaigns utilizing the same mechanism:

In addition, players can now make their own Conquer the World campaigns by using an image file along with a RENDER map, both ending with _01.png. A "Custom Map" option will appear showing all the campaigns along with the entire world campaign.

Gameplay ChangesEdit

The interface is no longer simple to choose an alliance or make peace. It is now much larger and you can now exchange tribute, cards and territory. There is also, exclusive to Napoleon and Cold War, Vassal and Client State, both which are the exact same thing. There are also new bonus cards that are avalible to use in the game.


In Napoleon (or if you custom implement it in the CtW game), you can gain colonies for your nation. Colonies can be displayed in World Status. They cannot be captured unless your entire nation is captured first, and will provide you income, rare resource bonuses, and even Wonders. Unlike regular territories, you can gain more than one rare resource benefit from them and even a supply depot. You can also trade them for territories.

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