"The great end of all human industry, is the attainment of happiness." — David Hume

Commerce Research Commerce is one of the four technology disciplines in Rise of Nations. Commerce technology focuses solely on the player's economic status, and their efficiency - the maximum rate at which players are allowed to gather any resource. In addition, Commerce technologies give the player new build options, and access to caravans (used to create wealth)

Benefits Edit

Each level of Commerce technology:

  • Increases the Commerce Cap Commerce Limit for all resources, varying from +30 to +100 per level (excluding Knowledge, which is limited only by the game cap of 999).
  • Increases the Climit Caravan Limit by +1, allowing you to create another trading route. Commerce Level 3 allows Caravans to establish trading routes to cities of allied nations.
Commerce Technology Research cost Commerce Limit Required for
1 Barter 60 Food / 60 Timber 100 Market, Dock
2 Coinage 140 Knowledge / 60 Timber 150 Can Sell/Buy Resources at Market, Can colonize other continents
3 Trade 260 Knowledge / 100 Timber 200 Can Trade with other nations (allied and peaceful).
4 Mercantilism 500 Knowledge / 150 Timber 260
5 Finance 900 Knowledge / 250 Timber 320
6 Assembly Line 1300 Knowledge / 500 Timber 400
7 Globalization 1800 Knowledge / 1200 Timber 500

The first Commerce technology unlocks the Market and the Dock, the second level allows the colonization of new continents and trading of resources at the Market. The Dock, along with the first Science technology, is required for land units to move over water to reach and colonize other landmasses.

Miscellaneous Edit


Silk reduces Commerce Research cost by 25%.

  • Collect a Silk rare resource with a Merchant to reduce Commerce Research cost by 25%.
  • The Dutch start with the first Commerce technology already researched (unless playing a Nomad or City Center Only game) and receive a 10% discount on all future Commerce research.
  • The Greeks receive a general 10% discount on all Library research cost (except for Knowledge) and research 100% faster.

Other Research Edit

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