The Commerce Limit Commerce Limit, sometimes called Commerce Cap, is the current maximum gather rate for all resources, i.e., the current maximum amount of basic resources that can be gathered per 30 seconds. It starts at 70 by default. There are various ways to increase this limit, thus accumulate new resources faster. See below for details.

Once the gather rate of a particular resource hits the Commerce Limit, production of that resource will begin to 'overflow' with the overflow going to waste (i.e., is lost).

Note that Knowledge is not affected by the Commerce Limit, thus will not go to waste until it hits the global limit of 999.

Increasing the Commerce Limit Edit

The Commerce Limit starts at 70 for all resources and there are several ways to increase it. Developing Commerce Commerce technologies at the Library will gradually increase the limit as the nation progresses through this field of research to 100, 150, 200, 260, 320, 400, 500 and with Global Prosperity finally to the maximum of 999. Many wonders increase the limit for particular resources by a fixed value (see list below). Some nations also get a bonus on the Commerce Limit:

  • The British get a 25% increase on the total limit (for all resources),
  • the Egyptians get a 10% increase on the Food limit,
  • the French get a 10% increase on the Timber limit, and
  • the Inca get a 33% increase on the Wealth limit.

The rare resource Diamonds increases the limit for all resources by 10%. If present on the map, it can be gathered by sending a Merchant from the Market to the resource location. In Thrones and Patriots, the Republic Government will give a +50 commerce cap bonus to all resources.

Note that the green Commerce Limit on the top left always only shows the base value modified by total limit increases, but no individual limit increases for particular resources.

Wonders increasing the Commerce Limit Edit

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