The Comanche are a barbarian nation in the Conquer the World campaign, named after the Native American tribe of the southern Great Plains. The Comanche became a separate and distinct entity around the 1700s CE, when they broke off from the Shoshone after acquiring horses from the Pueblo. This increased mobility allowed the Comanche to search for better hunting grounds more efficiently, and develop a renown horse culture, forming powerful bands of lethal mounted warriors. From then on the Comanche bands, who never formed a single cohesive tribal unit, would nonetheless unite in a formidable force that captured thousands of Spanish, American and Mexican settlers, and even brought the Mexican State to the brink of destruction in its mighty wake.

In the "The Entire World" Campaign, they occupy the Unclaimed Territories in North America. Like every other barbarian nation, they have the Barbarian unique units and share the Power of Sacrifice from the Aztecs. If the player controls the Aztecs, then they will use the Mayan Power of Architecture instead. Their building style is American and their unit style is American.

Unique Units Edit

Along with other barbarian nations, the Comanche train the following Barbarian units:

Leaders Edit

  • Esahabbe
  • Kumaquai
  • Pahkah
  • Chomoparua
  • Kanaretah
  • Tosacowadi
  • Shabbakasha

Cities Edit

  • Kosoteka
  • Kiowa
  • Catha
  • Datse-an
  • Gyaiko
  • Idahi
  • Inda
  • Larihta
  • Mahan
  • Mahana
  • Nalani
  • Nanita
  • Naratah
  • Nataa
  • Partooku
  • Sanko
  • Sauhto
  • Selakampom
  • Taeaccaro
  • Yampah