“A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not harm the oil and the wine.”
Revelations, 6:6

Coinage is the second Commerce Commerce Research available at the Library. It is preceded by Barter. It unlocks researching the third Commerce technology, Trade.


Researching Coinage allows the colonization of new continents and trading of resources at the Market. It increases the Commerce Limit for all resources by +50 (excluding Knowledge, which is not limited).

Coinage increases the Caravan Limit by +1, allowing you to create another trading route.


The default cost is 154 Knowledge Knowledge and 66 Timber Timber, the default research time 18.3 seconds (275 frames).

Quick reference cardEdit

Source: Cost Requirements Leads to
  • 140Knowledge; 60Timber
  • Time to complete: Short
  • Com1 Commerce
  • Com3 Commerce


Frome Hoard pile of coins

Coins of Ancient Greco-Rome

Coinage is to mark one or more stamps on a piece of metal or other material, to prove its intrinsic value or value of exchange. Croesus (?~546?B.C., the era which approximates the Classical Age in the game), the last emperor of Lydia, is regarded as the person who first issued official coinage. During the Medieval Age, counterfeit money was widespread. In the late 15th century, with advanced device of coinage, Italy could make coins' volume and weight adequate. After the revolution of industry, the technology of coinage made great advances. In the early period of Greek history, relief casting had been gradually replacing rough bimetallic casting from Lydia. Alexander the Great made use of icons for the stamping of coins; the stamps were mainly gods or heroes at first, then they were replaced by icons of emperors. By the late 19th century, Chinese coins were similar to coins of the early period of Greek history. At that time, Cash (Chinese coin) had been used for over 2500 years, with its nearly invariant scale and vision.

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