Age Overview Units and Buildings History

This is a list of all buildings and units available at the Classical Age Classical Age, alongside the buildings that became available in past ages and did not upgrade.


Civic Edit

Small City Library Market Temple
Farm Woodcutter's Camp Mine University
Granary Lumber Mill Smelter

Military Edit

Barracks Stable Siege Factory Dock-Anchorage-Shipyard
Tower Lookout Fort

Wonders Edit

Pyramids Colossus Hanging Gardens

Standard UnitsEdit

City Edit

Citizen Ancient

Market Edit

Caravan Ancient Merchant Ancient

University Edit

Scholar Classical

Senate Edit

The Despot The Senator

Barracks Edit

Javelineers Phalanx Archers Scout

Stable Edit

Light Horse Cataphract Horse Archer

Siege Factory Edit


Dock Edit

Galley Dromon Fire Raft Fishermen Ancient

Fort Edit

General Classical

Non-recruitable Edit

Transport Barge Militia

Unique unitsEdit

Market Edit

Armed Caravan Ancient Armed Merchant Ancient

Barracks Edit

Inti Clubmen Royal Atl-Atls Royal Balamob Slingers Yangombi Umpakati
Anusiya Barbarians Bushi Legions Mohawk Spearmen Scutari
Elite Hwarang Kushite Archers Longbowmen

Stable Edit

Light Camel
Chevalier Companion
Camel Archer Chariot Nomad Sunka Wakan
War Elephant

Siege Factory Edit

Flaming Arrow