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The Classical Age is the second age a player can reach in Rise of Nations, and the first age avaliable to research. It can reached after any two technologies are researched through the Library, and costs 250 Food Food.

Overview Edit

After advancing to the Classical Age, players are given many new options, compared to the Ancient Age. In this age, Metal Metal and Knowledge Knowledge first appear, Mines and Universities becoming avaliable to gather these new basic resources. Recruitment and military strategy are greatly expanded with the Stable, Siege Factory, Fort, and Tower, while Barracks units can be now upgraded. Also the first enhancement buildings are unlocked: Granary, Lumber Mill, and Smelter.


The icon of the Classical Age is based on the Parthenon, as it would look like when it was first built in the Acropolis of Athens, Greece.


The ruins of the Parthenon.

Preceded by:
Ancient Age
Classical Age Succeeded by:
Medieval Age

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