Civilisations is a simple mod being created for Rise of Nations.

What's in this mod?Edit

The following unit changes are expected:

  • Different names for units
  • Units sometimes have 2 different skins, reflecting changes in the era.
  • Some units are removed while others are reintrouduced as shared units.


Hawk and Eagle are to be replaced by the Impala and the Cheetah

GermansFrench, BritishEdit

  • The Solduri , Barbarians , and Vandals are being replaced by the Neitos, Suebians, and Ritterbruders. 
  • Neitos are available to both Germans, British and French
  • Landsknechts get a new skin.
  • A new skin for German light tanks is to be introduced, with the Strv m/21 and Panzers I-II representing the new Light Tank in the Industrial and Modern Ages.
  • The Chevalier and Heavy Chevalier get replaced by the Brihentin and the Frank, the latter having 2 distinct skins.
  • British Longbowmen are scrapped.




Chinese, Nubians and EgyptiansEdit

  • Manchu Musketeers are renamed as Divine Ordnance Division and get a new set of animations.
  • Manchu Riflemen are replaced by GMJ infantry.
  • Manchu Infantry are scrapped.
  • Chariots are made available to both Chinese, Indians and Egyptians.
  • Heavy Chariots are scrapped (but remain to be replaced by Heavy Horse Archers for Chinese, and Elite Camel Archers for Egyptians)
  • Mamelukes are shared between Egyptians and Turks.


Spanish and DutchEdit

Persians, Mongols and IndiansEdit

  • Arquebus Immortals are replaced by Ghilman, who have two distinct uniforms - a Safavid Uniform, and one based off early Qajar infantry uniform.
  • Two new skins for Elite Light Cavalry are projected, with the Elite Light Cavalry in the Enlightenment Age using the old Cuirassier uniform.
  • Golden Horde is to be made available to both Persians and Mongols
  • The Culverin Mahout is scrapped for Persians.

Will there be new units?Edit

Considering that we do have 5 unit slots available, I haven't decided really on what could possibly replace them yet.


  • Baleares - replaces Slingers for Spain, a very powerful light infantry unit.
  • Armatoloi - a unique infantry unit for Greece, lasts from the Gunpowder to Enlightenment Age for Greece.
  • Ghazis - available to Persians, Egyptians and Turks.
  • Yamato-class battleship for Japan, other factions have to use smaller battleship models.
  • Airship - possibly a no-oil air unit, but this is uncertain.

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