My subjects are rats in a basket. If I do not keep shaking the basket, they will gnaw their way through.
- Moulay Ismail the Warrior, 17th century sultan of Morocco

Civic Civic Research is one of the four technology disciplines available at the Library. It increases the number of cities the player can build and also expands national borders, as well as unlocking the Religion and Taxation technologies at the Temple.

Benefits Edit

Like all Library research, Civic Civic research has a total of 7 levels to research. Each level researched...

  • ...increases the City Limit City Limit by +1, allowing you to build/own another city.
  • ...expands national borders.

Note that research cost also depends on the current level of Science Science research as well as any cost modifiers from nation powers and rare resources.

Civic Technology Cost Required for
1 Civ1
City State
120 Food Taxation
2 Civ2
160 Food Religion
Oath of Fealty
3 Civ3
160 Food
160 Knowledge
4 Civ4
Divine Right
300 Food
300 Knowledge
5 Nd
500 Food
500 Knowledge
Social Contract
6 Kapowwow
Great Power
800 Food
1000 Knowledge
Income Tax
7 Intlaw
International Law
1500 Food
1500 Knowledge

Rare resources Edit

Nation powers Edit

  • The Greek Power of Philosophy: Receive a general 10% discount on all Library research cost (except for Knowledge Knowledge) and research 100% faster.
  • The Persian Power of Ceremony: Receive a 30% discount on Civic research.
  • The Russian Power of the Motherland: Start with Civic Civic 1 (City State) already researched (unless playing a Nomad or City Center Only game), allowing them to build a second city immediately.

Trivia Edit

  • As mentioned in the trivia section of the Library page, researches have alternate titles depending on the starting and ending ages. For Civic Civic Research, they can be seen here.