"My subjects are rats in a basket. If I do not keep shaking the basket, they will gnaw their way through."
—Moulay Ismail the Warrior, 17th century sultan of Morocco

Civic Research Civic is one of the four technology disciplines in Rise of Nations. Civic technology focuses on anything that concerns the city, it's boundaries, infrastructure and knowledge. Civic research increases the number of cities in which the player can build, and also expands national borders, but also adds to other economic technologies the player can research to increase their wealth, knowledge and power. Specifically, civics technology unlocks the taxation and religion line of researchable technologies, both at the temple. Taxation research gives the player an income boost based on how much territory is owned. Religious research increases the effect on city health that a temple has and increases borders.

Benefits Edit

Each level of Civic technology:

Civic Technology Research cost Required for
1 City State 120 Food Taxation, Allegiance
2 Empire 160 Food Religion, Oath of Fealty
3 Feudalism 160 Knowledge / 160 Food Vassalage
4 Divine Right 300 Knowledge / 300 Food Patriotism, Monotheism
5 Constitution 500 Knowledge / 500 Food Social Contract
6 Great Power 1000 Knowledge / 800Food Nationalism, Income Tax, Existentialism
7 International Law 1500 Knowledge / 1500Food

Researching Civic technology also unlocks technologies at the Temple (taxation, temple upgrades) and the Tower (attrition).

Miscellaneous Edit


Dyes reduce Civic Research cost by 25%.

  • Collect a Dye rare resource with a Merchant to reduce Civic Research cost by 25%.
  • The Persians receive a 30% discount on Civic research.
  • The Russians start with the first Civic technology already researched (unless playing a Nomad or City Center Only game), allowing them to build a second city immediately.
  • The Greeks receive a general 10% discount on all Library research cost (except for Knowledge) and research 100% faster.

Other Research Edit

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