"The very first birthright of a people is national dignity."
Camilio Benso di Cavour, 19th century Italian statesman

City State is the first Civic Civic Research available at the Library. It is required to research the second Civic technology, Empire.

In addition to increasing the city limit by + 1 and expanding National Borders (as with other civic research), researching City State unlocks the Taxation research at the Temple and the Allegiance research at the Tower.

The default cost is 120 Food Food, the default research time is 13.3 seconds (200 frames).

Quick reference cardEdit

City State
Source: Cost Requirements Leads to
  • 120 Food
  • Time to complete: 13.3 s
  • Ancient age Age
  • Civ2 Civic
  • Allegiance Attritio
  • Tax Wealth


The name of the first Civic research refers to the city-states that lead to the emergence of civilisation in the Fertile Crescent and, more broadly, the world.

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