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The Chinese are one of 18 nations in Rise of Nations. They have the Power of Culture.

Nation Powers Edit

  • All cities, including the first one, start as Large Cities - this would otherwise require five different buildings built within the city radius and the Medieval Age researched. Large Cities have more than twice as many hit points as well as additional armor, line of sight and garrison capacity and power.
  • Citizens, Merchants, and Caravans are created instantly.
  • Science Science research at the Library is 20% cheaper.
  • Receive Herbal Lore, Medicine, and Pharmaceuticals upgrades at the Granary for free.

Unique Units Edit

The Fire Lances are Gunpowder Infantry but available during the Medieval Age, replacing the Light Infantry Elite Javelineers. This means that during the Medieval Age, the Chinese has a unit not only with Gunpowder Infantry properties (such as +33% damage bonus against all units and +80% damage bonus versus Heavy Infantry, cumulative multiplicatively) but also with the cheap cost and build time of Light Infantry, compared with the more expensive Gunpowder Infantry. This makes them one of the strongest unique units. Fire Lances have +1 attack damage, +4 attack range, and +3 line of sight, but their attack rate is somewhat slower (every 37 instead of 33 frames) compared to the Elite Javelineers that they replace.

Heavy Fire Lances have a faster attack rate than the Arquebusiers they replace (37 instead of 44 frames), which is effectively an overall 19% damage bonus. They also have +2 attack range and +2 line of sight compared to Arquebusiers.

The Chinese unique Manchu line of infantry cost 10 less timber and are built 22% more quickly (base 138 instead of 169 frames) compared to the standard infantry they replace. They also have increased attack range and line of sight. However, most Light, Gunpowder, and Modern Infantry, including Manchu Infantry, have a 5% damage penalty versus Heavy Cavalry and Light Cavalry, but the standard Modern Age Infantry do not receive this penalty. Thus, Manchu Infantry do slightly less damage versus those units than the unit they replace.

Fire Lances Edit

Fire Lances

Chinese Unique Gunpowder Infantry, Medieval Age Medieval Age - earliest gunpowder unit; effective against Heavy Infantry.

Heavy Fire Lances Edit

Heavy Fire Lances

Chinese Unique Gunpowder Infantry, Gunpowder Age Gunpowder Age - early gunpowder weapons with significant range; better range than ordinary Gunpowder Infantry.

Manchu Musketeers Edit

Manchu Musketeers

Chinese Unique Gunpowder Infantry, Enlightenment Age Enlightenment Age - powerful in quantity but somewhat slow-firing; cheap and quick to create.

Manchu Riflemen Edit

Manchu Riflemen

Chinese Unique Modern Infantry, Industrial Age Industrial Age - powerful and accurate foot troops; cheap and quick to create.

Manchu Infantry Edit

Manchu Infantry

Chinese Unique Modern Infantry, Modern Age Modern Age - rapid fire, small arms with excellent firepower; cheap and quick to create.

Leaders Edit

Cities Edit

  • Hong Kong
  • Chongqing
  • Shenyang
  • Wu-su
  • Lu-ta
  • Chi-hsi
  • Nanchang
  • Changsha
  • Hefei
  • Guiyang
  • Qinyang
  • Qingdao
  • Hengyang

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