The Chimu are a barbarian nation in the Conquer the World campaign, named after the Chimú culture. Successors of the previous Moche culture situated in the Pacific coast of central South America, one of the "cradles of civilization"; the Chimú culture created the powerful Chimor empire, founded around 850 CE around the great fortified city of Chan Chan, which eventually extended its rule througout most of the western coast of present-day Peru and Ecuador. Known for their stunning craftsmanship and architecture, as their Moche forebearers were, the Chimú would prosper until their defeat and absortion into the Inca Empire around 1470 CE, which soon afterwards sent the extraordinary artisans of Chan Chan to all the corners of the Empire in order to avoid insurrection and to disseminate their skills, in turn Chimú knowledge was to deeply strengthen the Incaic artistic legacy.

In the "The Entire World" Campaign, they occupy the Unclaimed Territories in South America. Like every other barbarian nation, they use the Barbarian unique units and have the Power of Sacrifice from the Aztecs. If the player controls the Aztecs, then they will use the Mayan Power of Architecture instead. Their building style is American and their unit style is American.

Unique Units Edit

Along with other barbarian nations, the Chimu train the following Barbarian units:

Leaders Edit

  • Minchancamon
  • Taycanamo
  • Naymlap
  • Nama-tigi
  • Kunu-tigi
  • Cosijoeza
  • Cosijopii

Cities Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Chimu share several city names with their historical rivals, the Inca, and for some reason, Tawantisuyu, the name the Inca themselves gave to their own empire, is also on their city list.