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The Chariot is the Egyptian unique Ranged Cavalry of the Classical Age Classical Age. Like all cavalry of the age, it is trained and upgraded at the Stable, and requires the research of Military Military 2 (Mercenaries) to become available. It replaces the standard Horse Archer.

Overview Edit

Compared to Horse Archers, Chariots have the same basic stats, but possess a 50% damage bonus against all other Ranged Cavalry, so their innate ability as raiders combined with this advantage makes the Chariot a great defensive unit, peerless in counter-raiding and the bane of all other Ranged Cavalry users. This damage bonus also applies to vehicle-borne Ranged Cavalry, and even Mahouts!

As with all other animal-borne cavalry units, the Chariot can garrison inside Forts, but not inside Towers.

Unit Costs Edit

Unit production cost increases progressively with every Stable unit on the field or currently in production. The default increase is of 1 Timber Timber and 1 Wealth Wealth for the second unit created, increasing further with every new unit until the cost cap is reached, which for military units is +125% of their original base value. It's important to note, however, that these prices are the default standard, and actual production and upgrading costs may differ, depending on researched technologies/ages, connected rare resources, or adopted governments.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite replacing Horse Archers, the Chariot is actually the direct predecessor technology. Horse-drawn chariots first appeared around the 2nd millennium BCE, and were adopted by the Egyptians in the 16th century BCE; at least six centuries before the first accounts of cavalry on horseback.

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