This category lists mods made for Rise of Nations and the Thrones and Patriots expansion pack.

If you created or know a mod for the game, create an article describing it (or at least containing a link to the website where the mod is hosted), and then, to the bottom of the page, add the following categories to classify it properly:

[[Category:Playable Mods]], or [[Category:Unreleased Mods]], depending on the mod having a playable version or not.

After that, you can add [[Category:Total Conversion Mods]] if the mod changes most or all of the game, [[Category:Partial Conversion Mods]] if it changes a significant part of the game but most of the original content is still there, [[Category:Add-ons]] for mods that do smaller tweaks, [[Category:Mod Pack]] for a compilation of several smaller mods.

Finally, if the mod has been abandoned, you can add [[Category:Abandoned Mods]].


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