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Caravan Ancient
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The Caravan is a civilian unit that generates Wealth Wealth by traveling a fixed trade route between two particular cities. The gather rate of a Caravan depends on the distance between the cities and the number of buildings built inside the cities' economic radius. It is shown (along with the route) in the unit information box, when the Caravan is selected. Only one Caravan may trade between a particular pair of cities.

The number of Caravans a nation may operate is limited. Initially, a nation is allowed only one Caravan. For each level of Commerce Commerce research, one additional Caravan may be built.

Merchant Fleet

If a Caravan's route crosses ocean, the unit automatically becomes a Merchant Fleet.

If a nation has built a Dock, Caravans will also be able to cross oceans, thereby becoming Merchant Fleets (or Modern Merchant Fleets from the Industrial Age Industrial Age on).

Regular Caravans are unarmed, have 90 hit points and no armor. Destroying a Caravan gives a plunder value of 50 Wealth Wealth.

Setting up a trade route Edit

After a Caravan is created, it first needs to establish its trade route between two cities. This can be done manually by the player by either right-clicking on a city and having the Caravan pick the most favorable second city automatically, or by right-clicking and dragging a line between two cities. However, Caravans will also attempt to set up a trade route automatically, if left idle for some time. This idle time is the same that citizens will wait before looking for something productive to do and it can be set in the game options under Auto-Citizen Delay. While establishing the route, the caravan unit also creates roads.

Once a Caravan has completed setting up its trading route by visiting both cities, the nation receives a one-time Wealth Wealth bonus and the Caravan begins to gather Wealth at a constant rate, while continuously traveling between the two cities. The Caravan's actual movement - including any delays from blocking units etc. - have no effect on the Caravan's income.

With Commerce Commerce 3 (Trade) researched, caravans may also establish trade routes to friendly and allied cities.

To calculate the amount of Caravans you need, simply add all numbers up to the number of cites you have together. For example, if you have 5 cities, you need (4 + 3 + 2 + 1) Caravans. This can be calculated by the following: $ N = 1/2(x^2 - x) $

Nation bonuses Edit

  • The Chinese Power of Culture: Caravans are created instantly.
  • The Indians Power of Majesty: Caravans produce 15% more Wealth Wealth.
  • The Nubians Power of Trade: Caravan limit is increased by 1. Their Caravans are also 10% cheaper and have +50% hit points.
  • The Persians Power of Ceremony: Always have the maximum number of Caravans.

Unique units Edit

  • The Dutch train Armed Caravan instead of Caravan, which is equipped with a light weapon to provide basic defense against raiding attacks. Unlike the Armed Merchant, the Armed Caravan continues to provide its bonus while attacking.