Government Capitalism (large)

The Capitalism is the third and last of the three consensus governments in Rise of Nations, following the Democracy. It becomes available at the Senate, when a nation has entered the Industrial age small Industrial Age, and it costs both Knowledge and Metal to research. Capitalism grants the following benefits:

  • Grants a one-time bonus of +500 Oil Oil and increases the gather rate of oil by +100 (per 30 seconds).
  • Patriot: The CEO (see below)

The Capitalism's bonus addresses to nations lacking enough sources of oil to cover their expenses, with the bonus to the oil gather rate roughly equivalenting the income of three Oil Wells. The combat bonuses granted by the CEO are of a more defensive nature - offensive nations trying for a territory/conquest victory should consider picking the Capitalism's opposing ideology, the Socialism.

The CEO Patriot Edit

  • Buildings and troops in his radius heal as long as they are not taking attrition damage.
  • The Patriot and all friendly units in his radius are immune to bribery and sniping.
  • All friendly units in his radius have +2 attack range and Line of Sight, except for artillery units.
  • Benefits from all regular General upgrades at the Fort.
  • Productivity of citizens and scholars in own city within the CEO's radius is increased by 50%, and productivity of caravans going to the city is increased by 25%. This includes (i.e. stacks multiplicatively with) resource-enhancing buildings such as Granaries and resource-enhancing upgrades. It does not affect Oil Wells and Refineries, nor the Taxation line, nor Merchants, nor the base productivity rate of buildings (such as 10 Knowledge from Universities).

Version note: Prior to version, the bonus to attack range and Line of Sight was +4.

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