raft, and can heal nearby naval units. Weaker to submarines.

Huron-Class Destroyer: Unique Light Ship. Has superior anti-air/sub weaponry, and has longer LOS. Can land one helicopter for a short period of time. Can intercept land/air/sea-based missiles. Slight jamming capability.

Kitchener-Class Frigate: Unique Heavy Ship. Longer range, and sea-to-land attack is stronger. Has slight jamming capability, and can land a helicopter for a short period of time.

Alert-Class Submarine: Unique Submarine. Has a weak sea-air attack, and can fire a cruise missile at the cost of craft. (10 000 to fire, and has 10 000 to start with) Is cloaked even when attacking unless in range of detection unit (Scout, heli, destroyer, etc.) Has longer LOS and range, but weaker. Is also faster than normal submarines.

JTF-4: Unique Scout. Is faster, can move through forests, and has instant snipe/demolition. Is always cloaked unless in range of detection unit. Up to 10 can be loaded onto a heavy helicopter and 5 on a light helicopter at any given time. 6x craft.

Chinook XVI Helicopter: Unique Heavy Helicopter. Fast, durable, and can carry 5 standard infantry or one armored unit at a time. Has weak air-ground attack, and is cloaked when moving.

L16 Mortar Team: Unique Light Artillery. Fast, medium-close-range fire support. Can move through forests and automatically entrenches after 5 seconds.

M888 Howitzer: Unique Heavy Artillery. Fires slower, but much stronger. Can move through forests and packs/unpacks faster than normal artillery.

ERYX Anti-Tank Team: Unique Heavy Infantry. Is more accurate, stronger, and with longer range. Is slightly less durable and fires slower. Can move through forests and is cloaked when not attacking.

C6 HMG Team: Unique Machine Gun. Is stronger and has longer range, but takes longer to pack/unpack. Can move through forests and is cloaked when not attacking. Entrenches 5 seconds after unpacking.

Canadien Sniper Team (Van-Doos 22nd): Unique Light Infantry. Has 10x longer range and much stronger attack. Fires slower and must pack/unpack before fighting. Can move through forests and is cloaked when not attacking. Entrenches 5 seconds after unpacking. Is slightly less durable than normal light infantry.

Retains Canadian Engineer from Information Age.


The Canadians are meant to be a slow-starting, unpredictable nation. In the latter ages, Canadian seapower is overwhelming, while their land and air forces are highly specialized. The lack of an effective light infantry unit will hinder them in close-quarters fighting, but when the infantry set up, there's a deathtrap waiting to happen. With their cloak and ability to move through forests, the Canadians can have an army pop out of almost anywhere, although their long set-up time before battle slightly balances that. I attempted to counter the Canadians' glaring weakness at close-quarters-combat with the mortar team, although the inevitable splash damage from that will leave either side with some collateral damage. The Canadian scouts are meant to be commandoes, and the transport helicopter accents that. Yes, you can pop in a tank or a few snipers. But sending in 10 JTF-4 scouts and sabotaging everything in sight is extremely gratifying.

Overall, the Canadians are a delicate nation to 'play' as. At long range, they are deadly. But close in with them and their forces will most likely fold in no time.

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