British Isles
Rare resource
Oil patch
Fish / Whale
Nations start on variably-sized islands which may or may not isolate them from their allies. When it's time to drill for Oil, you'll need to build offshore platforms.

British Isles is a sea map featured in Rise of Nations. Depending if teams were allowed in the map settings, players will either begin by themselves, with an allied player, a neutral nation, or an enemy nation in the same landmass.


Timber Timber - Uncommon - some small forests are found within the landmasses.

Metal Metal - Rare - there are a few mountains within the map so competition for metal can be fierce.

Oil Oil  - Average - all of the oil patches are located in the sea thus players will have to construct a dock and assign some workers to build oil platforms.


  • British Isles is one of the more unpredictable maps in Rise of Nations. Players can be situated nearby others or can be completely isolated from each other.
    • Sometimes, two opposing nations can start at the same landmass, thus igniting heated conflicts.
  • Since all oil patches are located offshore, nations must have a strong navy to guard their oil platforms.
  • Another basic resource that is hard to obtain is metal, due to the small size of the mountains.