Bonus Cards are obtained during Campaigns such as Conquer the World, by either buying one from the Bonus Card Deck, or conquering territories with cards in them, or trading with another nation.

A card's color indicates when it can be used: pink cards can be used on the map, while blue cards can be used in battle.

You can see another nation's cards in the Diplomacy negotiation screen, even if you are at war.

Blue cardsEdit

Blue cards can be played for an advantage at the beginning of a Conquest battle.

Card Effect in one Conquest battle Notes
<Nation> Oath of Fealty Use their nation power in addition to your own Gained by defeating the nation (conquering their capital province)
Cultural Dominance Enemies are deprived of nation powers
Dissidents Enemies cannot form Governments
<Resource> Economic Boom +5% gather rate for the named basic resource
Eureka Start with one extra level in each discipline of library technology: military, civic, commerce, and science
Military Eureka Start with two extra Military Military Research
Civic Eureka Start with two extra Civic Civic Research Tip: play two Civic Eureka cards to activate your wonders immediately
Commerce Eureka Start with two extra Commerce Commerce Research
Science Eureka Start with two extra Science Science Research
Great Thinker All research is 20% cheaper and 20% faster
Logistics Immune to attrition. Doubled healing rate.
Mercenaries Start with an additional army Tip: to avoid hitting the population limit right away, combine with a card that increases your population limit (Bantu Oath) or starting military tech (Military Eureka, Eureka, Warpath, Aztecs Oath, or Romans Oath)
Merchant Guild Goods at the Market are 20% cheaper to buy and earn 20% more when sold during one battle.
Missionaries Temple has 25% greater effect on Borders, Taxation, and City Hit Points
Partisans +50% attrition damage
Propaganda Gain use of enemy nation power
Skill Bonus Start with +N of every resource Gained upon winning certain attack Scenarios (Supply Train, Tactics, or Field Battle)
Spy Network Start with the map explored Tip: good for sea maps (i.e. when attacking across an ocean)
Trade Embargo Enemies gain no benefit from their strategic resources
Traitors Informers at all enemy military buildings Informers are placed when the building is constructed, but enemy Scouts may remove them with Counterintelligence
Warpath Start with two extra Military Military Research and several military buildings

Pink cardsEdit

Pink cards can be played on the map during your turn. Hostile cards cannot be used against allies.

Card Effect on map Notes
Treachery Gain an adjacent territory without a fight Target territory must be adjacent to yours, strength 4 or lower, and not a capital.

You are now at war!

If the territory contains a supply center, you can place your new army immediately. You can even attack with it on the same turn (unless you already gained an army through Overrun this turn). However, in most cases, the enemy nation will not be forced to disband one of their armies!

Tip: Treachery is incredibly useful for quickly reaching capital provinces and for forcing an enemy's allies out of the way

Sabotage Reduce an adjacent territory's strength by 2
Brigands Halve the strength of a nation's capital
Letter of Marque Take up to 100 tribute from any nation
Commandeer Transport Move an army to another one of your territories Armies that are ready to move/attack are still ready to do so after being transported this way.
Wonder of the World Build a wonder in any territory you control Each territory can contain at most one wonder. Egyptians may build wonders one age early. Egyptians and Americans each start with a Wonder card.