Bomber Aircraft are a class of units and type of Aircraft. The first Bomber Aircraft, the Bomber, becomes available in the Modern Age.

Like Fighter Aircraft and Helicopters, Bomber Aircraft are built at the Airbase, with the production requiring both Wealth Wealth and Oil Oil. Both Fighters and Bombers also operate from the Airbase and frequently need to return to the Airbase to refuel and repair.

Bomber Aircraft are effective in destroying buildings and bringing down a City's hit points. They have limited use against land units due to the spread of their bombs. They can be countered with Fighter Aircraft, mobile Anti-Aircraft and Air Defense Structures as well as modern Light Ships. The Stealth Bomber cannot be attacked by land units, sea units, nor buildings; thus, Fighters are needed to counter it.

Units Edit

Age / Technology Unit
Modern age small Modern Age Bomber
Information age small Information Age Strategic Bomber
Globprop Global Prosperity Stealth Bomber

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