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The Bomber is the standard Bomber Aircraft of the Modern Age Modern Age, built at the Airbase.


Bombers can be used to raze enemy structures, stationary ground vehicles or slow-moving targets with brutal results. Bombers pack a lot of health than the Fighter, but they travel slower as a result.

Another weakness is their vulnerability to enemy fighters and anti-aircraft, the former capable of eating away a wing of Bombers. Escorts of friendly Fighters are advised. These Bombers are not as accurate as its succeeding incarnations but that compensates their area-of-effect.

Like fighters, Bombers consume fuel whilst in the air. Once depleted, Bombers automatically return to their designated Airbase to refuel. Bombers are capable to fly 40 seconds before they will be inoperative. Fuel recharge time for Bombers is 20 seconds.

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