The city of Briton, with Boadicea selected.

The Boadicea scenario, is the basic movement, selection, and mapping skill Tutorial in Rise of Nations. The setting and atmosphere of the gameplay, is based on true, British ancient national history, in the historical era when Boadicea, a female ruler of the Celtic tribes, battles to defend the growing city of Briton from the Romans, and their onslaught of imperialism.

Summary Edit

Objectives Edit

The main training goal of this guided match, is educate you on the basic forms and rules in unit movement, advanced mapping, and other aspects (e.g. scrolling and attacking). Note that in this scenario, you have no access to building structures and creating units. You will receive many basic instructions, corresponding to the plot of the scenario via the narrator. The game's narrator will give you easy tasks: scroll in, scroll, left click on units and right click on a spot to move to, use the map to see locations faster, attack enemy targets, and learn to be strategically alert; (this will be some use of help and advantage when playing online games in Rise of Nations).

Plot Edit

You start with the special purpose, Boadicea unit, away from your national borders in a secluded location south. Up north, is the rest of your army, consisting of Archers, Javelineers, other foot infantry, etc. They are based at the entrance of a tree-surrounded Small City (which in fact is Briton), that has only a few Farms, and a single Woodcutter's camp. No single Citizen is present at the city, so you have only your military to fend off the Romans. You progress through the missions, to a point where you have had Boadicea, and her comrades, rendezvous at the beacon set at the middle at the map. The narrator will guide you back easily to Briton, where the next footstep of the match will begin. You are then instructed to survey the Roman encampment, comprised of a simple Lookout and a Barracks for training and drafting troops. You must then move in and destroy the encampment. However, the Romans quickly send Legions to deal an incursion on Briton. After destroying the camp, you have to move your military and Boadicea quickly back to Briton and defend the city successfully, thus, the Tutorial is achieved.