The "Bay of Pigs Invasion" scenario in Rise of Nations, is based off a true event in the Cold War's mid-satges in military history. Only you can control the result and tide pf the battle, as the player. Note that this mission can only be played exclusively by the Americans faction in The Cold War Campaign, as a unique custom-made match.

Summary Edit

Beligerents Edit

-*Player Name (Americans)

-Fidel Castro (Cubans)

-Perez San Roman (Exiles)

Operational Reason(s) & Purpose(s) Edit

Not long ago into The Cold War Campaign, Cuba had been a longitme democracy-promoting Client State for the United States of America. Since the Spanish-American War, Cuba had been in America's collective orbit of circulated Tribute, and has a formiddable Territor Strength Level. With the Cold War n full effect, the Soviet influence had its winds of Socialism reach Cuba, and a communist regime is placed in the state. All trade and foreign relations with the USA had been disabled by the communists, and Soviet civil & economic aide started flowing in passively (depending on the player's imminent course of action or given situation of a crisis). Thus, if the player chooses to invade, and reoccupy the Cuban homeland, the Bay of Pigs Invasion scenario will kick in. This is an excellent strategy in order to prevent a future Soviet landing on the mainland, or yet worse (like in history's past in the Cuban MIssile Crisis), a nuclear attack close to home.

Objective(s) Edit

Your mission is to successfully trample the communist junta's rule over Cuba, and help the allied guerilla Exiles, lead by Perez San Roman, in retaking the island and reestablishing the principles of conservative and liberal democracy. Your offensive should take flight from Florida, and you should start a secondary assult pushing west, from Guantanamo. If your meet the objectives, all Cuban Cities should be liberated momentarily. Victory over Fidel Castro's head of state, and Cuba is once again under American orbit of political influence.