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The enormous range of the Battleship shown by the faint red curve in the top right corner (The range was too great to be displayed on-screen).

The Battleship is a naval warship used to combat light ships and to bombard buildings. It becomes available at the Dock, once a nation has entered the Modern age small Modern Age and researched Military Military 6 (Nation-in-Arms).

Use and production Edit

The second-to-last Heavy Ship available to the player, it is one of the most devastating, and it is one of the most powerful naval units available.

Ramping cost for the Battleship, like for most combat units, increase progressively, depending on the number of combat units from the same production facility (in this case, heavy and light warships and submarines). Maximum total unit cost it is capped at 315 Metal Metal and 202 Oil Oil.

Unit model Edit

The Battleship's model seems to be based on either the Yamato or the Musashi, two battleships of the Imperial Japanese Navy operated during World War II. They were the largest and most powerful battleships ever built, but were both sunk during the conflict.