RoN French Defense

Germans invading France.

'The First World War has left Europe decimated and bankrupted. In Germany, domestic upheaval triggers the rise of extreme nationalism, and the German war machine is rebuilt. When it becomes clear that Germany cannot be thwarted by diplomacy, a reluctant Britain declares war along with it's ally, France. For the second time in a quarter-century, a world war erupts, one that is destined to be more terrible than the first.'

The Battle of Britain scenario, is based off the start of World War 2 when Germany invades Poland and France. In this Tutorial in the Learn to Play Menu of Rise of Nations, you are to enact to first actions of Britain in WWII, and provided that this will give you an expertise-like wisefulness around advanced gameplay. This is also the final Tutorial featured in the game.

Summary Edit

You will be taught basic Oil gathering skills, the perfecting in the art of air combat, the international engagment in political matters through complex Diplomacy, the strategy-wise usie your General's abilities to manipulate the environment in the duration of battle, the method of movement across sea, etc.

Beligerents Edit

Prime Minister Winston Churchill (British)

Premier Paul Reynaud (French)

Chancellor Adolf Hitler (Germans)

President Ignacy Mosciki (Poland)

Objective(s) Edit

Your primary goals of the scenario become significantly important until the later half of the game. Your first basic instruction given by the narrator is to start negotiating Diplomacy. This involves declaring war on the Germans following their invasion of Poland and forming a collective alliance with the French. Following this, you must create to create a General to lead your army. Once this is complete you are instructed to select your forces and rendezvous with the French Armored Car near the coast and then redeploy them to defend Calais against the impending German invasion. After completing this task you are required to activate your General's entrench ability to give your forces better protection. The game then goes into full view mode while the Germans attack. Following the French defeat, you are instructed to withdraw your forces back to England so they can fight another day.

Alternatively, it is possible to hold Calais against the entire German force but only if you reinforce your troops quickly after France is defeated. Once this is achieved, the player can then liberate Paris and defeat the remaining German units and buildings on the map. If successful, the player will achieve a domination victory, thus ending the tutorial without having to complete all of the required steps.

Overall, you will learn how to domesticate and accumulate Oil from Oil Deposits, learn how to use the General's abilities, control Aircraft, cross over water and how to arrange your units in formation.

Origins to the Battle of Britain Edit

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