The Battle of Britain scenario, is based off a Second World War turning point event, well, that is the Battle of Britain. In this Tutorial in the Learn to Play Menu of Rise of Nations, you are to enact to first actions of WWII, and provided that this will give you an expertise-like wisefulness around advanced gameplay. This is also the final Tutorial featured in the game.

Summary Edit

You will be taught basic Oil gathering skills, the perfecting in the art of air combat, the international engagment in political matters through complex Diplomacy, the strategy-wise usie your General's abilities to manipulate the environment in the duration of battle, the method of movement across sea, etc.

Beligerents Edit

Prime Minister Winston Churchill (British)

Premier Paul Reynaud (French)

Chancellor Adolf Hitler (Germans)

President Ignacy Mosciki (Polish)

Objective(s) Edit

Your primary goals of the scenario, don't take significant importance until the later half of the game. Your first basic instruction given by the narrator is to start negotiating Diplomacy. Your goal in this diplomatic squabbling, is to form a collective alliance with the French, and declare war on the Germans, and Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime. During farther more as your progress in this scenario, you will learn how to domesticate and accumulate Oil from Oil Deposits, learn how to use the General's abilities, how to control air units, and learn how to cross over sea to other land masses.

Origins to the Battle of Britain Edit

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