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Barbarians at the Gate is an official game scenario that allows several nations to team up and attempt to conquer a lone defending enemy nation. Normally, the players that have "ganged up" have been restricted to being at least three ages behind the defensive nation.

Recommended StrategiesEdit

  • Economic and defensive nations will serve best if you are being attacked. On the other hand, offensive nations can assist you to overthrow the enemy.
  • Depending on the settings, be wary of aerial assaults and raids as they can become devastating on your buildings.
  • Try to maintain a strong economy to bolster your defenses.
  • If conquering the defensive nation proves to be a hassle, try to target vital resource production sites and buildings that construct military units.
  • Maintaining important wonders, such as the Kremlin and/or the Colosseum, can greatly assist your nation.
  • Be sure to continously attack in waves to prevent the enemy from recovering.
  • Try to attack/reinforce weak spots that nations can exploit to their advantage.
  • Remember to fortify your cities based on their hit points and location. For example, if a major city is built around several mountains, it can make it easier for you to defend.
  • Constructing redoubts and other heavily reinforced military forts around entryways to your cities can greatly assist you.
  • Try to predict when the enemy will attack and retreat. Being aware of the movements conducted by opposing nations can allow you to counter their strategies.
  • Once after seizing some territory from the enemy, be sure to construct a redoubt and maintain control. Furthermore, having a handful of barracks and other military-producing units buildings could greatly enhance your offense and defense.
  • This scenario is best enjoyed prior to the Industrial Age.

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