Disambiguous This article is about barbarian nations from the Conquer the World campaigns. For other uses, see Barbarians (Disambiguation).

Barbarians represent the various peoples of the world independent from the rule of any of the playable nations in the Conquer the World campaigns. These non-playable "nations" control every region of the campaign map not ocuppied by the playable nations. All barbarians share the Aztec Power of Sacrifice. If the player is the Aztecs, they use the Mayan Power of Architecture instead. They also share a set of unique units: Barbarian Javelineers, Barbarian Phalanx and Barbarian Archers.

In the main Conquer the World campaign, there is a distinct barbarian "nation" on every continent of the map: The Vikings in Europe, the Sumerians in West Asia, the Khmers in East Asia, the Songhai in Africa, the Comanche in North America, and the Chimu in South America.

In the Alexander Campaign, the Iranians occupy West Asia.

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