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The Bantu have extremely effective light infantry thus, they should be used to the greatest effect possible.

  • Their troops are some of the fastest, can be produced very quickly, and swarm enemy nations effectively due to their low production times and increased population cap.
  • In the first 5 ages, use their light infantry to raid as much as possible. However, do not forget to include some heavy infantry to help them against massed armies.
  • In the last 2 ages, the Bantu fighters are far more effective than others, making them ideal for air superiority and defending wonders from those pesky bombers.
  • Never forget the Bantu population limit and exploit it to the best of your abilities. Additionally, when combined with the Colossus wonder and peacocks, their population limit is pushed to even greater boundaries. With their fighters lending air support and stopping bombers in their tracks, the Bantu are essentially unstoppable once unleashed.

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