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The Auto Plant is a military production facility which allows a nation to build vehicles and tanks. It's the upgraded version of the Stable and available from the Industrial Age on. When a nation enters the Industrial Age, all of it's Stables are upgraded to Auto Plants automatically and for free. The building's stats, including resource requirements, remain largely unchanged from this, except for the plunder value, which changes from Timber to Metal.

Unit types built at the Auto Plant (from Industrial Age on):

Like all military structures, Auto Plants can be built anywhere in own or allied territory and cannot be captured (unless the nation controlling the aforementioned buildings has been defeated). The current ramping cost doubles for every three Auto Plants built (i.e. the ramping cost becomes 50 Timber with three Auto Plants already built, 100 Timber with six Auto Plants and so on). Destroying an Auto Plant yields a plunder of 40 Food.

Up to 10 cavalry units or vehicles can be garrisoned inside an Auto Plant and receive healing while garrisoned.

Nation powers associated with the building Edit

  • The Mongols receive up to three free Ranged Cavalry (armored vehicles from Industrial Age on) units whenever completing a Stable or Auto Plant and as long as their population limit allows for it. Their Ranged Cavalry is also upgraded automatically and for free.
  • For the Indians (Thrones & Patriots), most buildings do not rise in cost - including Stables and Auto Plants, which always cost 120 Timber.
  • The Lakota can build auto plants anywhere except in enemy territory.

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