Australian Outback
Rare resource
Oil patch
Fish / Whale

Harsh Desert or Lush Jungle--surrounded by ocean teeming with fish.

Australian Outback features players within the same landmass but there is an ocean surrounding the island.

CPU players will never construct navies thus human players can take bombardment ships and destroy enemy fortifications along the coast.


Timber Timber (Forests): Uncommon. Forests are located as small patches and it is recommended to construct Lumber Mills to boost timber production.

Metal Metal (Mountains): Average. There are a handful of mountains within the landmass. However, the maximum limit of workers in a mine is 6 and mountains are scattered around the island.

Oil Oil: Rare. There are not that many oil patches located throughout the land  (although some oil patches can be found offshore).

IconFish Small Fish: Plentiful. To maximize your food production, it is recommended to assign several fishermen to obtain these resources.

IconWhales Small Whales: Rare. Be sure to quickly seize areas where it contains whales.

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