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Attack Submarine
The Attack Submarine is the submarine unit of the Information Age Information Age, available to upgrade from the Submarine and are built at the Shipyard.


When Submarines become Attack Submarines, they gain +40 hit points, +7 attack strength, +3 attack range, +4 movement speed and +3 line of sight.

Like their predecessors, Attack Submarines are supposed to combat heavy ships like Advanced Battleships and Aircraft Carriers and they are also very effective in destroying Transport Ships. They are countered with Light Ships like the Missile Cruisers.

Like submarines, Attack Submarines are stealthed while moving or standing still and invisible to enemy units except for detectors. They are also detectors themselves, capable of detecting hidden enemy units, including enemy subs and land units like Spies. Attack Submarines reveal themselves only when attacking. They become stealthed again when not attacking for a while (roughly 20 seconds). Light Ships and Helicopters have the ability to detect Submarines and are very effective in destroying them.

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