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Attack Helicopters are very effective against Tanks and Artillery Weapons, and to a lesser degree, against support units and other vehicles. Thanks to their stealth-detecting abilities, they are also extremely effective in spotting and hunting down Submarines, thus can be used to protect landing operations (Transport Ships). However, Attack Helicopters are not immune to SAM installations so be sure to eliminate those buildings before proceeding to attack an enemy city.

In turn, Attack Helicopters are very vulnerable to Fighters, Anti-Aircraft, Light Ships and to larger groups of Modern Infantry, though their speed allows them to outrun and escape all but fighter craft. Ranged ground units and buildings such as Forts can also attack Attack Helicopters, even if they cannot attack other air units.

Also, due to their spotting abilities and infinite range, Attack Helicopters make excellent patrol units, sniffing out incoming stealthed forces and engaging them.

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