Atlantic Sea Power
Rare resource
Oil patch
Fish / Whale

Atlantic Sea Power features players that are separated by water and each player is given a landmass of his own. Due to this, defense players will often line their coasts with docks and redoubts that are prepared for an invasion. Moreover, careful players avoid constructing their cities, buildings, valuable wonders nearby water as these structures can be bombarded with naval units.

Depending on the amount of players, land can be quite limited thus players will attempt to expand their economy through the seas (by harvesting whales and fish).

Unless peace has been set not to expire during a match, players will be eying other foreign rare resources in other landmasses. In order to gain resources overseas, nations will often wage war and attempt to conquer enemy territory.

If it is required to invade enemy nations, be sure to construct a powerful air force to destroy military producing buildings (such as the barracks) and stationary armies. Be sure to concentrate on a specific area for your army to attack (or create a distraction) otherwise, your military units can be obliterated.

Once after the enemy has occupied a foreign landmass, it is very difficult in forcing that nation off of that area, let alone, fending off later invasions.

Nations that excel in naval power will often roam the oceans in this map. Highly skilled players can effectively command a naval siege and blockade to wear down enemy nations. However, a powerful air force can destroy docks and slowly dwindle sea units.

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