Atlantic Sea Power
Rare resource
Oil patch
Fish / Whale
Each nation gets its own landmass; Players are separated by a large ocean.

Atlantic Sea Power is a sea map in Rise of Nations. It is arguably one of the more balanced maps in the game: Each landmass receives around five rare resources (depending on the amount of players) as well as enough space, timber and metal to suit most needs.

Resources Edit

  • Timber Timber (Forests): Average. Each landmass has several forests of small and medium size, usually more than enough to suit a nation's needs.
  • Metal Metal (Mountains): Average. Each landmass has several mountains on it. If you have still trouble gathering enough metal, send your Fishermen to Whales resources, as these will provide you with metal as well.
  • Oil Oil: Average. Each landmass gets 2-4 oil patches, which is usually enough to fuel a nations basic needs. Build refineries to boost oil production by 33% per refinery. More oil can be found in the oceans, but it is often dangerous to gather it with all the warships cruising around.
  • Rare resources: Each player's island gets around 4-5 rare resources depending on the number of players. There's also a lot of Fish and Whales in the oceans.

Stategies & HintsEdit

Atlantic Sea Power/Strategies

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