Assimilation is the process of restoring order in a captured city. It starts right after capturing a city by reducing its hit points to zero and moving infantry or cavalry units into proximity. By default, the assimilation process takes 2.2 minutes to complete, but there are some ways to speed it up or even eliminate the time.

A captured city and all of its civilian buildings and wonders immediately pass under the conqueror's nation's control. However, the city needs to be assimilated in order to be of any use to the conqueror. A city currently being assimilated...

  • may not create Citizens
  • may not be garrisoned
  • won't repair itself (see Strategies section below)
  • Does not benefit from some nation powers (such as the Mayan extra arrow); however, other nation powers (such as the Roman wealth bonus) do apply

In addition, the territory controlled by the city becomes neutral for as long as the assimilation takes place (it is not overridden with your own or other nation's territory). The Lakota cannot build in this neutral territory, except forts and cities, even though they can normally build in neutral territory. Economic buildings within the city's radius, such as Farms, can be worked on by citizens while it is being assimilated.

The assimilation process continues even if the attacker pulls all of his troops out of the city's vicinity. This is usually a bad idea, however, as the previous owner may simply recapture it by moving some military units into proximity. Recapturing a city currently being assimilated immediately restores full control of the city and the territory.

Note that all types of military structures will remain under the control of the attacked nation. This includes all production facilities (Barracks, Stable etc.), which may continue to produce troops, as well as defensive structures such as Towers and Forts, which will continue to attack the occupying forces. That is, unless a nation's last city is captured, in which case all remaining military structures pass under the control of the conqueror.

Buildings belonging to the city may be razed while it is being assimilated. The city itself may also be razed if there are no other buildings nearby.

Assimilation time Edit

By default, a captured city takes 2.2 minutes or 133 seconds (normal game speed) to assimilate into the conqueror's nation. However, there are some ways of decreasing assimilation time:

  • The Turks assimilate cities 3x faster than other nations (200% Faster), taking control of a captured city after a meager 44 seconds.
  • By completing the research of the World Government future technology at a Library, assimilation times are entirely eliminated and the conqueror instantly gains control of a captured city.
  • Thrones & Patriots only: The Comrade, patriot unit of the Socialism government (Industrial Age), helps to assimilate cities 4x faster if brought into proximity of a city being assimilated. This reduces the default assimilation time to 33 seconds. The Comrade's bonus is cumulative multiplicatively with the Turks' nation power.

Strategies Edit

Always keep enough military units next to the city center to prevent it from being recaptured. If the enemy manages to outnumber/outclass your troops within the city center's range, you will lose the city immediately.

While the City Center does not repair itself while being assimilated, you can bring some Citizens along with your army (add them to their own hotkey group) and have them repair the City Center and the surrounding structures, especially any valuable Wonders. Repairing the city also makes it harder for the enemy to recapture it because they have to whittle down the city's hit points first. To prevent citizens from automatically working at the Farms etc., set their stance to Build. You can also boost the city's hit points by:

  • Researching Tradition at a Temple (if the city also has a temple)
  • Researching Construction at a Lumber Mill
  • Building a Temple within the city's economic radius but within your territory
  • Building a variety of buildings in order to upgrade the city to a Large City or Major City

When capturing a city with garrisoned units, these units will be ejected from the city. This also includes an University as all Scholars are immediately ejected from it. Note that these units still belong to the attacked nation.

If this happens to one of your cities, quickly try to select and convert them to Militia/Minutemen/Partisans (hotkey Q), as this will give them better stats to survive - or at least the chance to take out some of the occupants. If you follow this tactic, it could buy you some time to defend the city until reinforcements arrive.

Modding Edit

It is possible to change the assimilation time to whatever you want by editing the game's rules.xml file with a text editor. The file can be found in the game's installation directory, by default it should be something like

  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Rise of Nations\Thrones and Patriots\data\rules.xml (if using the expansion)
  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Rise of Nations\data\rules.xml (without expansion).

Find the line <ASSIMILATION_TIMER value="2000 frames"/>. Frames is the time unit used by the game. It translates into "seconds (in normal game speed) x 15". So let's say, you want to reduce the assimilation time to 1 minute (60 seconds), then simply replace "2000" with "900" (60 seconds x 15).

For the Turks' assimilation bonus, find the line <TURK_ASSIMILATE value="200% faster"/> and replace the "200%" with whatever you want. The default 200% is 3x faster than normal. Some other values: "100%" is just 2x faster than normal, "50%" is 1.5x faster than normal.

For the Comrade's bonus, find <THECITIZEN_ASSIMILATION_SPEED value="4 (4 times faster)"/> and replace the first "4" (replacing the second occurrence does nothing).