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Assault Marines
Assault Marines are the American unique Modern Infantry of the Information Age Information Age that replaces the standard Assault Infantry.


Compared to Assault Infantry, Assault Marines have +10 hit points as well as the ability to automatically entrench themselves after they are idle for 5 seconds, which unlike the General's special ability, works in neutral and enemy territory. The Transport Freighter they are boarding also gains +70 hit points and +2 movement speed per Military Military research.

Assault Marines, like their predecessors, are basic frontline infantry tougher than their counterparts, which can be a considerable force when produced en masse.

The Assault Marines are effective at defeating enemy civilians, exposed spies, and other unarmed units. They also excel against Anti-Tank Missiles, and can be dispatched against other infantry troops and light armored vehicles. Consequently, mass production of them forms the backbone of the front line.

Like all other infantry, they are weak against Tanks and Machine Guns. Assault Marines may garrison in a fort, tower, or city, increasing that building's effectiveness against enemy units.


  • The Assault Marines are based on the United States Marine Corps in the early 1990s to early 2000s.
  • The Assault Marines are armed with M16A2 rifle equipped with M203 grenade launcher, wearing PASGT helmets with helmet covers, DCU uniform (although they wear the woodland BDU in their artwork), and M44 goggles on the selection screen (although they wear different green goggles in-game which could be meant to represent night vision goggles; there is an official artwork which depicts Assault Marines with a different style of goggles with a red tint).

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