Artillery Weapons

Artillery weapons of all ages.

Artillery Weapons are a type of units in Rise of Nations. They become available in the Classical Age and are built at the Siege Factory (Factory from the Industrial Age and later ages), requiring both Timber and Metal (Oil an Metal from Modern Age on). Unlike Infantry and Cavalry, artillery units take up two population points (Population Limit).

Artillery weapons are long-range siege units and very effective in attacking enemy cities and structures from a distance. They generally outrange all stationary fortifications like Forts, Towers and Cities and are also somewhat effective in attacking other stationary targets like enemy artillery, bombardment ships or deployed Merchants. However, they have very little armor and can easily be destroyed, thus they need to be protected by own infantry and/or cavalry units. In formations, artillery units try to line up behind the infantry, along with Supply Wagons and Generals.

All artillery units need to deploy/unpack before being able to attack, and pack before being able to move again. It takes most artillery units 5.3 seconds (80 frames) to deploy or pack; however, the Modern Age Howitzer (and Katyusha Rocket) only takes 2.7 seconds (40 frames), and the Information Age Rocket Artillery only takes 1.3 seconds (20 frames). When outside of their nation's territory (including if they're in an ally's territory), they also require the presence of a Supply Wagon or Despot/Monarch/Comrade Patriot to operate at full efficiency - otherwise they will fire at a much slower rate. Catapults and Trebuchets fire at 2/3 the rate when not being supplied, while the others fire at half the rate.

They can be garrisoned inside a Siege Factory/Factory, a City, or a Fort for protection and repairing. Garrisoning inside a Tower is not possible, however.

Age Unit
Ancient Age Ancient Age -
Classical Age Classical Age Catapult
Medieval Age Medieval Age Trebuchet
Gunpowder Age Gunpowder Age Bombard
Enlightenment Age Enlightenment Age Cannon
Industrial Age Industrial Age Artillery
Modern Age Modern Age Howitzer
Information Age Information Age Rocket Artillery

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