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The Armed Caravan is a civilian unique unit of the Dutch, replacing the standard Caravan.

General Information Edit

Like the regular Caravans, Dutch Armed Caravans are a primary source of Wealth Wealth, and are immediately available to recruit from a Market, and require both Food Food and Timber Timber to create; and grant a plunder value of 50 Wealth if taken down. However, Armed Caravans have +35 hit points, +1 armor, +2 line of sight compared to ordinary Caravans; and their most distinguishing and vital feature, which grants the Armed Caravan its name, is their ability to attack, with a value of 6 strength and a 0-8 tiles of range. Like Ranged Cavalry, Armed Caravans can attack while moving.
Dutch Armed Caravan

Modern Armed Caravan of the Dutch.

Besides their attack capabilities and boosted stats, Armed Caravans function the same way as the standard Caravans. More information about the use of Cravans for trade can be found in the page for the standard Caravan.

Trivia Edit

  • This unit (along with Armed Merchants) are the only civilians in the entire game with the ability to attack (considering Militia is a transition from civilian to military).

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