Anti-Aircraft Jamming

Anti-Aircraft Jamming.

Anti-Aircraft Jamming (AA Jamming) is a special ability of modern Scout units. Scouts gain this ability when upgrading to Special Forces in the Modern Age.

AA Jamming is a passive ability which means it is permanently enabled and costs no craft to use. It also won't reveal the Scouts cover.

Whenever a Special Forces or Elite Special Forces scout unit moves close to an enemy AA system, it disables it's weapon systems. This works with both stationary and mobile anti-aircraft systems. Affected AA systems show a red Jammed in their infobox when selected, but only stationary AA systems will also have yellow sparkles around them. A Scout currently jamming sends out bluish-white pulses and a distinctive sound is heard.

Note that only the target's AA weapon systems are disabled - stationary defenses will still be able to spot hidden units such as the Scout unit disabling it, while mobile anti-aircraft can simply move out of jamming range.

The only ways to make affected anti-aircraft to work again is to eliminate the responsible scout(s) or wait for those units to move.

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