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The Anti-Aircraft Gun is the first mobile anti-aircraft unit. It becomes available in the Industrial Age, along with the first fighter aircraft, and is built at the Factory.

In the Modern Age, this unit upgrades to the more powerful Anti-Aircraft Battery.

Combat Edit

Like Anti-Aircraft units in general, Anti-Aircraft Guns are mobile air defense weapons supposed to accompany armies and provide them with defense against enemy air raids. Like most other vehicles, they can fire while moving. Anti-Aircraft have no defense against ground attacks, thus need to be protected by other military units.

Anti-Aircraft Guns have a 90% chance to hit attacking aircraft flying low (currently attacking) and 50% chance to hit aircraft flying high (passing by). Each shot splits up into two separate attacks, with each attack having a chance to hit and deal half the unit's weapon damage.

Special Forces and Elite Special Forces scout units have the ability to automatically jam the weapons of nearby Anti-Aircraft units, similar to SAM Installations.

Production details Edit

Production cost increases for every unit of the same type, whether on the field or currently in production, by a fixed +20 Food Food / +20 Wealth Wealth. However, the maximum cost for Anti-Aircraft Gun is capped at 180 Food Food / 180 Wealth Wealth (reached with 5 units). Actual production and upgrading costs may differ, depending on researched technologies, connected rare resources, or adopted governments.


The model of Anti-aircraft Guns is based on 13-pdr Anti-Aircraft Gun (Daimler Mk.3 Lorry).