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The Anti-Aircraft Battery is the second type of mobile anti-aircraft unit. It becomes available in the Modern Age and is built at the Factory.

The Anti-Aircraft Battery is an upgrade of the Industrial Age Anti-Aircraft Gun. By upgrading it receives +40 hit points, +1 attack strength, +3 attack range, +8 movement speed, and +3 line of sight. In the Information Age, this unit upgrades to the final type of anti-aircraft, the Anti-Aircraft Missile.

Combat Edit

Like Anti-Aircraft units in general, Anti-Aircraft Missiles are mobile air defense weapons supposed to accompany armies and provide them with defense against enemy air raids. Like most other vehicles, they can fire while moving. Anti-Aircraft have no defense against ground attacks, thus need to be protected by other military units.

Anti-Aircraft Battery have a chance of 90% to hit attacking aircraft flying low (currently attacking) and a chance of 50% to hit aircraft flying high (passing by). Each shot splits up into two separate attacks, with each attack having a chance to hit and deal half the unit's weapon damage.

Special Forces and Elite Special Forces scout units have the ability to automatically jam the weapons of nearby Anti-Aircraft units.

Production details Edit

Production cost increases for every unit of the same type, whether on the field or currently in production, by a fixed +20 Food Food / +20 Wealth Wealth. However, the maximum cost for Anti-Aircraft Battery is capped at 180 Food Food / 180 Wealth Wealth (reached with 5 units). Actual production and upgrading costs may differ, depending on researched technologies, connected rare resources, or adopted governments.

Anti-Aircraft Battery 2

Alternative model for the Anti-Aircraft Battery.

Trivia Edit

The standard unit model used by most nations is based on M3 Half-track to be more specific T28E1 CGMC variant which was an American anti-air half-track used during World War II.

The Germans, Romans and Spanish use a different model for the Modern Age unit, based on the Sd.Kfz. 251/17 (details can be seen here and here), a German anti-air half-track used by Nazi Germany, the Italian Empire, and Spain during World War II. It has the same stats as the regular Anti-Aircraft Battery.

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