All types of Anti-Aircraft.

Mobile Anti-Aircraft (AA) is a class of modern units used to combat enemy aircraft such as Bombers and Fighter planes.

The first unit of this class, the Anti-Aircraft Gun, becomes available at the Factory in the Industrial age small Industrial Age, along with the first fighter planes. Production and upgrading of Anti-Aircraft units costs both Food Food and Wealth Wealth.

Age Unit Class
Ancient age small Ancient Age None Unavaliable
Classical age small Classical Age None Unavaliable
Medieval age small Medieval Age None Unavaliable
Gunpowder age small Gunpowder Age None Unavaliable
Enlightenment age small Enlightenment Age None Unavaliable
Industrial age small Industrial Age Anti-Aircraft Gun Anti-Aircraft
Modern age small Modern Age Anti-Aircraft Battery Anti-Aircraft
Information age small Information Age Anti-Aircraft Missile Anti-Aircraft

Anti-Aircraft units are the mobile variant of the stationary Air Defenses, which are an upgrade of the earlier Lookouts and Observation Posts. While the latter ones are more effective in defending cities, outposts and wonders, Anti-Aircraft units are supposed to accompany armies and protect them from enemy air raids. Depending on enemy air power, try to bring at least 3-5 AA units with an attacking army, otherwise you might lose important units such as Generals, Supply Wagons and Artillery Weapons to enemy air raids.

Special Forces and Elite Special Forces scout units have the ability to automatically jam the weapons of nearby Anti-Aircraft units.

The British build Anti-Aircraft units and buildings 25% cheaper and 33% faster.

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