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The Ancient Age is the first age available to a player in Rise of Nations. It is obtained by default in a game, and has no research or cost requirements.

General Information Edit

The Ancient Age is the starting point in the game. As such, only most basic and essential units, buildings, resources and technologies are avaliable.

All standard matches will start in this age, every Nation beginning with at least a Small City, Library, Woodcutter's Camp, three Farms, one Scout, and five Citizens. Only Food Food, Timber Timber and Wealth Wealth (After building a Market) can be gathered. The first military units are also avaliable in this age, after building a Barracks.

Related National Powers Edit

Advancement Edit

Advancing towards the Classical Age Classical Age requires for two of any Library technology to be researched first, and costs 250 Food Food.

Trivia Edit

Great Sphinx

Closeup of the Great Sphinx

  • The icon of the Ancient Age is based on the Great Sphinx as it would look when it was built in present-day Giza, Egypt.
  • This is the only age that is not restricted to being researched.

See Also Edit

Category:Ancient Age - here are listed all the units, buildings and game mechanics avaliable in this age.

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