Amazon Rainforest
Rare resource
Oil patch
Fish / Whale
Plenty of resources and ruins hidden in a maze of tropical rivers and jungle clearings.

Amazon Rainforest is a land map type in Rise of Nations. There is a lot of forests and rivers running through this map as well as many rare resources to be gathered. Starting locations are placed symmetrically towards the edges, with team players starting next to each other.

This map type never generates oceans, thus it is not possible to build a Dock or naval units here.

Default Terrain sets to appear: Jungle (33%), Tropical (33%), Tropical Wet (33%). See main article Terrain on how to change this.

Resources Edit

  • Timber Timber (Forests): Plenty. Forests are generally of medium or large size and can even be used as natural walls. Note, that Iroquois scouts can move through forests, giving them a small edge in exploring the map and for infiltration purposes.
  • Metal Metal (Mountains): Average. You should be able to easily grab at least two or three mountains here, covering most of your needs for Metal. There's always a mountain in the center. If you have trouble gathering enough Metal, built Smelters to improve the output of existing Mines and try to get the Angkor Wat wonder (+50% Metal production).
  • Oil Oil: Average. Players always get two oil patches near their starting locations although taking control of other areas with oil wouldn't hurt.
  • Rare resources: Plenty. Some nations like the Nubians or the Dutch will have an edge here. If you control many rare resources, research Taxation techs at a Temple and try to get the Porcelain Tower to make the most out of it.

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