Alps is a territory in the Conquer the World Campaign in Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots. It is an unclaimed territory at first.

Borders and Sail Routes Edit

On land the Alps share borders with:

The Alps have no sea borders.

Tribute, bonus cards, resources and armies Edit

The Alps almost have the whole package at start: Tribute, rare resource and an army, but it has unfortunately not any bonus card.

Tribute Edit

When you conquer the Alps you gain a bonus tribute package of 20. You can use tribute to purchase strenth upgrades and bonus cards.

Rare Resource Edit

When you've conquered the Alps you gain benefits and income from the Alps rare resource - Gems:

Army Edit

You gain an ekstra army when you capture the Alps. This can be used to conquer other territories.

Continent Edit

The Alps is situated in Europe among 14 other territories.

Conquest Edit

Bacause the Alps have a very offensive and perfect spot on the map, the Alps is usually conquered by Conquest. Any other methodes are barely seen. The Alps can have a major influence on a nation, because of it's goodies.

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