The Alin are one of three nations in Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends.

Description Edit

Children of the desert, the Alin are an ancient power of magic and mysticism. For thousands of years, the schools of Fire, Sand, and Glass formed the three pillars of Alin might. This was before the Glass Genie, Sawu, was corrupted by a strange object which fell from the sky. Under its influence, Sawu became a master of Dark Glass, and the Alin Kingdom was greatly weakened by an internal war.

The lands of the Alin are filled with desolate deserts, imposing mountains, and deep chasms. Sometimes the ever-present wind blows away the strange ruins of previous civilizations who succumbed to the desert. It is a harsh land, where only the toughest, most tenacious of people can survive. Sand breaks down even the best-made machines and the intense heat can drive a person insane. The night brings little solace, as dangerous beasts of sand, fire, and glass stalk the dunes looking for easy prey.

Though once a mighty kingdom, the Alin now struggle to maintain order within their realm. The majority of the Alin people have withdrawn into the last remaining stronghold; the mighty city of Azar Harif. Knowing they fight a losing battle, Arri, leader of the King's elite Dark Glass Hunters, agrees to help Giacomo free her people from the grip of their terrible enemy.

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